When I was in third grade, if you asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I would have told you “I want to call play by play for the Seattle Mariners!” Well, that love for sports media also grew into a love for visual media after my experiences in college.

During my time with the Doane University Sports Information Department, I found a love for video news packages, and received a few awards for my news coverage. I also had a knack for radio and audio production, which lead me to be the production director for the radio station formerly known as “The Kidney” (91.9 KDNE).

My experiences as a journalist also helped show me the value of timeliness without sacrificing quality, which has helped me succeed in the production world.

Telling stories is my passion, and I would love to tell yours!

Please feel free to explore some of my work on my productions YouTube channel, and let’s get your story told!

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